Spider-Man Dev Discuss The Process of Developing Villains; More Than 60 Different Spider-Man Suits were Considered

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Insomniac Games’ upcoming PS4 exclusive title, Spider-Man, always had a rich universe with numerous spin-offs, villains, side-kicks and so much more to discover and represent in the upcoming game.

Insomniac Games creative director Bryan Intihar, art director Jacinda Chew, game director Ryan Smith, and Marvel Games boss Bill Rosemann were all featured in a panel at San Diego Comic-Con. They discussed several topics regarding Spider-Man’s development and the process the team took was decide how to portray each villain accurately through giving enough attention to its background, “of what’s already been done before,” and how they “modernized” Electro.

“One of the first things we do when we design a villain is look at the history, of what’s already been done before. So, Electro is a really great example — with Electro, he’s green and he’s yellow, but he’s also got this giant star head. It’s one of those things that’s really iconic about Electro, but we needed to modernize it. […] So, if you look at Electro, you see we kept that star mask, but now it’s a scar on his face. We also kept the green and yellow, and modernized him by giving his powers a reason for being. That’s how we go about designing all the villains.”

Since there are so many spin-offs to the Spider-Man universe, there are so many suits to choose from. Intihar revealed that at one point around 60 different suit concepts were spread across a table and went through an elimination to process to find “a good mix between the favorites and maybe some more surprise ones.”

“At one point […] we printed out 60 different pictures of suits and we just spread them across a table, and we started doing ‘yes, yes, no, no, maybe, ect.’ We tried to find a good mix between the favorites and maybe some more surprise ones.”

Spider-Man releases early 2018 exclusively for the PS4.