CS:GO Lootboxes Have Been Disabled In The Netherlands and Belgium

Gamers in the Netherlands and Belgium are currently unable to open lootboxes in CS:GO following a recent update. This comes as a follow up to Steam disabling the Marketplace in the Netherlands – while the marketplace has been re-enabled, Lootbox opening has been disabled.

“The Kansspelautoriteit accusation is different from how other countries think about loot boxes, so we hired [a] Dutch legal counsel, looked at the recent Study into loot boxes published by the Kansspelautoriteit, and learned more about Dutch law”, Valve wrote last month. “We still don’t understand or agree with the Kansspelautoriteit’s legal conclusion, and we’ve responded to explain more about CS:GO and Dota 2.”

By disabling trading and marketplace transfers, the game no longer went against Dutch law. Valve has currently stated that the implementation is only temporary and are into a more applicable solution.

Below are the patch notes:

  • Updated Steam and CS:GO account restrictions for users in Netherlands and Belgium:
  • Steam Trading and Steam Market features are now re-enabled for Steam accounts in Netherlands.
  • Customers in Netherlands and Belgium will be restricted from opening containers

CS:GO is out now for PC