Coveted Details on Tennis World Tour Career Mode, Gameplay Emerge

Former Top Spin developers have been working up a sweat to get Tennis World Tour into tip top shape before its scheduled May release, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship, they’ve decided to give us some preliminary details on the career mode in some eye-opening two minute footage. It explains the numerous factors that shape your career trajectory, including participation in tournaments and exhibition matches, as well as the necessity to just sit back and chill in the player’s lounge — because even the best get burned out.

Yes, not only will fatigue from too many nights out on the court render you weary, but also jet lag, so you’ll need to pick and choose your matches carefully on the road to becoming number one. Breakpoint is committed to making Tennis World Tour as realistic as possible, so these additions will make the game feel extremely familiar to anyone who’s played tennis, or followed the sport with religious conviction. For every match you win, Tennis World Tour rewards you with a rankings boost and credits (aka cash), which you can then invest in equipment (that Babolat racquet sure looks shiny), staff, and/or tournament participation fees.

There’ll also be online support for anyone eager to show off their single-handed backhand in a competition against fellow (irl) players.

Tennis World Tour is out May 22 for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.