Tennis World Tour Eyeing May Release Like a Hawk

Rising from the ashes of Top Spin 4, Bigben’s star-studded simulation game Tennis World Tour has pencilled in a release date. It marks the developer’s first realistic tennis sim since 2011, and will inject a heightened level of technicality into every shot. From drifting slice backhands to punching volleys, expect the same level of finesse that made the Top Spin series famous.

Tennis World Tour offers a respectably sized roster of professional tennis players. You’ll be able to master the court with over 30 athletes, including Swiss magician Roger Federer, Madison Keys, and John Isner. There’s also the freedom to create your own custom character, who you can guide all the way to the coveted number one position. Naturally, you’ll need to endure a gruelling training schedule to achieve that feat. But Career Mode also comes with the added spoils of sponsorships, and lets you distribute player stats as you see fit — the ball’s in your court.

Start practising your fancy footwork today, because Tennis World Tour releases May 22 for PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4.

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