Full Ace Tennis Simulator 2017 Fills Racquet Shaped Void in Our Hearts

If you’ve been enjoying Roland-Garros and need even more Tennis in your life, well, you’re in luck. French outfit Galactic Gaming Guild is back and at it with Full Ace Tennis Simulator 2017, a fresh installment in the Full Ace series which originally launched in 2010.   


Like the original title, players will be able to lob, drop-shot and smash their way through multiple matches that take place in locations reminiscent of Wimbledon, the US Open, Australian Open, and the French Open  (Rolland-Garros). In the 2017 edition, graphics and motion-capture animations are improved, and a rather exciting addition for Tennis fans is the introduction of Hawk-Eye, the computer system used in Tennis matches to track where the ball lands within millimetres.

Another tennis themed game, Tennis World Tour, was recently announced by a former Top Spin developer. It promises ultra-realistic animations and enhanced gameplay mechanics, and is looking at a 2018 release frame.

Full Ace Tennis Simulator 2017 is scheduled for release this Summer on PC. Console versions of the game have not yet been announced. Owners of previous versions of the game will receive Full Ace Tennis Simulator 2017 at no additional cost.