Final Fantasy XIV Online Patch 4.3 Introducing Extra Quests, Secret Trial

The latest Final Fantasy XIV Online patch will be arriving this May and ushers in a bunch of hotly-anticipated content, like fresh scenario quests that expand the events of Stormblood, a new alliance raid, more sidequests, and the very first look at the FFXIV Online companion app. Apparently, Square Enix wasn’t being completely flippant with its Pokémon Go joke on April Fools.

Patch 4.3 offers new content across the board:

  • Main scenario quests expanding Stormblood
  • Alliance raid — Ridorana Lighthouse)
  • Secret trial — to be announced
  • Dungeon — The Swallow’s Compass
  • Beast tribe quests — The Namazu
  • Sidequests — Doman Reconstruction, The Four Lords, Further Hildibrand Adventures
  • Deep dungeon — 100 floor Heaven-on-High
  • Eureka expansion — Pagos Expedition
  • Ultimate difficulty raid — Ultima weapon

In addition to housing, PvP, and Glamour System updates, Final Fantasy XIV Online will also gain a mobile companion app which enables chatting with friends, the ability to organise your inventory and armoury chest, and purchasing items or putting them up for sale.