FINAL FANTASY XIV Online GO Will Ensnare Millions, Destroy Smartphones

Stop soaking in the immaculate visuals of Final Fantasy XV for a second, because we have some important news. There’s a new breed of augmented adventure set to take Eorzea by storm. If you’ve stopped playing Pokémon Go but still crave its outdoorsy goodness, Final Fantasy XIV Online Go is basically your knight in smartphone armour, and it’s here just in time for April Fools’ Day, too.

Final Fantasy XIV Online Go is “about freedom”, according to Haimirich Fischer, Square Enix’s vice president of innovation. Players will be able to leave the confines of their desktop for the real world, where they can harvest natural resources, and use them to craft in-game gear and items. But arguably the best part of Final Fantasy XIV Online Go is the unique accessory that’s bundled with it — the Harvesting Stick.

The Harvesting Stick attaches to your phone like a Selfie Stick. But instead of just streamlining the photography process, it actually transforms the device into a fisher’s rod, botanist’s axe, or miner’s hammer, allowing players to physically swing at rocks, trees and bushes for the “most immersive MMORPG” experience ever. It also boosts your harvesting success rate up to 100%, so failure is literally impossible. Take that, Niantic. Apparently, there is a free trial available which gives you access to all content (PvP included) up to level 35. Happy April Fools Day from everyone here at Gameranx!