Besieged Survival Game This War of Mine Free Until Sunday

Polish developer 11 Bit Studios is offering players free Steam access to its hit 2014 survival sim This War of Mine (Anniversary edition) for the next three days. This spirit of generosity is in recognition of Frostunk‘s imminent releaseFrostunk is the team’s second shot at PC development and sets its sights on a wildly different target — an icy metropolis run by steam-powered automatons.

For its fearless exploration of war and its harrowing effect on everyday citizens, This War of Mine emerged an award-winning indie, and recently crossed the 2.5 million sales mark. Much of the gameplay involves scavenging for food, medicine, crafting items, doing whatever you can to make it to the next day. But it’s during the waking hours when snipers roam the streets outside your refuge like hungry dogs, ready to blast metal through the skull of man, woman or child without hesitation. In the sunlight you are trapped. Only darkness cloaks you from danger.

Play This War of Mine here. If you miss the free period, don’t sweat it; 11 Bit Studios has slashed 70% off the main price effective until April 10.