Fox Run Puts an Enchanted Spring in Your Step

I’m not quite sure whether any fox hunters read Gameranx on the regular, but if you happen to be one, Focus Lab Studios has created a game that will send shivers down your spine. Fox Run is a free to play Android game where foxes can run indefinitely, which of course means they’ll never be caught. The bushy tailed beasts can also collect berries and dodge obstacles with a touch less grace than Mary Lou Retton, but let’s not forget their endless running ability. Damn impressive.

In Fox Run, your aim is to achieve a numerically astounding high score and keep raising that bar. Naturally, you’ll be handsomely rewarded for your best efforts. Fox Run features a range of unlockable characters — Red Fox, Night Fox, Vixen Fox, Arctic Fox, Gold Fox and Crystal Fox — each one blessed with unique special abilities an ordinary fox lacks.

Those interested in some vulpine sprinting action can download Fox Run for Android here.