Psych-Horror ‘The InnerFriend’ Entangles Your Mind in a Crucible of Nightmares

That slimy discomfort you get when you’re hiding under the duvet and a mistimed creak fills the room? Yeah, that’s not your imagination. And in psychological horror title The InnerFriend, Canadian indie team Playmind will show you just how real that godforsaken place is.

The InnerFriend plays and preys on your darkest childhood fears like a merciless death eater. It anchors your soul within a nightmarish landscape that’s literally built from unresolved traumas, scattered memories, and ghoulish boogeymen that will make your hair turn white. But to make any real progress in this surrealist, narrative-driven world, you’ll need to face these monsters, and win. Like Limbo and Inside, there’ll be obstacles to surmount, and puzzles to unravel. A big difference with The InnerFriend is that you’re being guided by a mysterious shadow the entire time.

The Montréal based group is drawing upon Stanley Kubrick’s filmography, 80s horror staples like Poltergeist, and the literary concept of katabasis to bring The InnerFriend‘s frightening vision into plain sight.

Wishlist The InnerFriend here. It’s gonna be creepy. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Aside from PC, expect it to launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this September. It’ll also be playable at PAX East, which takes place from April 5 – 8.