Murderous Pursuits Unleashing Stealthy Carnage in April

Travelling in a luxury time ship from the Victorian era might sound pretty splendid, but sipping earl grey and embarking on scotch pie binges can get rather boring I’m afraid. That’s why Blazing Griffin is channeling James Moriarty in Murderous Pursuits, a devillishly good looking assassination adventure in which cunning and camouflage are your best friends. Your aim is to silently slaughter your targets without revealing your identity. The one catch is, they’ll be plotting your doom at the same time.

Flip the tables by slipping into disguises and blending into the crowd, or take a more roguish approach with flash bombs and well-placed bullets. In this survival of the stealthiest mystery, you can go solo and take down sinister AI, or team up with a friend for co-op subterfuge.

Murderous Pursuits launches its shadowy campaign on April 26 exclusively for PC. Those interested in getting involved with the beta should either follow Murderous Pursuits on Twitter or sign up for mail updates.