Victorian Themed Assassination Party ‘Murderous Pursuits’ Launches in March

Independent Scottish film and game development studio Blazing Griffin has unveiled the ghastly plot of its latest multiplayer killing spree — Murderous Pursuits. Like any stealth game that knows its worth, this is a deceitful, opportunistic tale of evasion and slippery slaughter set onboard the time-travelling colonial ship HMCS Britannic. Essentially, it’s an Agatha Christie novel without Agatha Christie, and you’re the villain.

Play alone, or with up to seven other players as you bluff your way through a precarious, pre-meditated scheme to off your adversaries without raising suspicion. Ignore the creamy temptation of scones and jam, but make sure to quickly (and silently) identify your opponents in a sea of anonyous passengers, cloak yourself with various disguises, and get out of sticky situations with a well-timed flash bomb. And most importantly, never leave a trace. Assuming you want to curry favour with the mysterious Mr. X and ostensibly recieve some kind of reward.

Murderous Pursuits will be serving up criminal justice from March on PC. Put it on your Steam wishlist here.