Nintendo Direct: Luigi’s Mansion Remake Firing up on 3DS

Luigi’s Mansion remake for Nintendo 3DS is coming this year. The news comes from today’s Nintendo Direct presentation, which you can view in full right here.

It’s been five years since Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon put Mario’s older twin into the spotlight, and even longer — seventeen years to be exact — since Luigi’s Mansion launched on GameCube. Fans of the 2001 ghostbusting classic can now experience it in a whole new, much more portable way. You’ll still have access to the Poltergust (Luigi’s notorious spectre-sucking vacuum cleaner) and his flashlight to illuminate the darkness as he searches for Mario. There are a couple of changes being introduced in the 3DS version, however.

Firstly, the Mansion map is now being displayed on the bottom screen of the handheld device for viewing convenience. There’s also a new Boss Rush mode which lets you fight the ghosts of battles past if you’re feeling up to the task.

Luigi’s Mansion for Nintendo 3DS is expected to launch in 2018.