Nintendo Direct: Ōkami HD Nintendo Switch Announced

Capcom’s folk-infused adventure Ōkami is officially on its way to Nintendo Switch in HD. The announcement was made during the recently-aired Nintendo Direct presentation, where several console specific perks were also revealed.

Ōkami originally released in 2006 for the PlayStation 2. It enjoyed a rebirth on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q4 of 2017 which enabled widescreen performance, and it seems the petition for Ōkami‘s launch on Nintendo Switch has finally borne fruit.

Central to Ōkami‘s gameplay is a brush stroking mechanic that is required for battle and solving puzzles. The Nintendo Switch version allows players to use touch screen controls when the console is undocked, providing a more direct interface than the PlayStation 4’s touchpad. The intuitive control system extends to Joy-Con controllers, which let you take advantage of motion controls (similar to the Wiimote) in TV or tabletop modes.

Ōkami HD will be launching via the Nintendo e-shop for Nintendo Switch this summer. A specific release date hasn’t yet been confirmed.