Indigenous 3D Adventure Mulaka Spreads its Shamanistic Wings

Starting today, Lienzo’s indigenous 3D action-adventure Mulaka will be descending upon multiple platforms. In it, you inherit the spirit of Sukurúame, a magically gifted being who’s sniffed out a malevolent presence brewing in the Mexican sierras.

exploration op.gif

Mulaka dives deep into myths and legends, so if you’ve ever wanted to become superhuman, listen up. Sukurúame can run like Usain Bolt*, become a bird and various other demigod transformations, and craft magic potions that will hopefully save everyone from the spiritual decay. This is a fast-paced game that will challenge you with hand-to-hand combat, but it also urges you to solve low-poly puzzles, tackle a colossal bullfrog, and open your ears to the authentic sounds of the Tarahumaran language in the narration.

Pick up your copy of Mulaka today for $19.99 USD on Steam and PS4Nintendo Switch and Xbox One versions will follow shortly. You can take a peek at the official launch trailer below for a snippet of the gameplay.

*Developer verification required.