Become an AR Sherlock in Silent Streets: Mockingbird

Last year, Funbakers treated digital snoopers worldwide to an augmented reality hunt in Silent Streets. Set within the mysterious, monochrome hush of the Victorian era, it challenged players with questioning murder suspects and tracking down a missing person. Episode 2 “Mockingbird” promises to deliver more of the same delicious duplicity.

You’ll need to unleash your crime-busting skills on the case of a murdered boxer, the favourite going into the championship. Was it competitive jealousy, or something much more sinister that caused such a harrowing death? Is the Science Society somehow involved? Explore these questions and more in Mockingbird‘s colour-brushed choose your own adventure. Like episode one, it includes an in-built pedometer and allows you to engage in real world exploration via the magic of augmented reality. If your mobile device doesn’t support Apple’s ARKit tech, your screen transforms into a 2D point and click scene instead.

Silent Streets: Mockingbird will be available for $2.99 USD from March 1 on iOS devices. Pre-order here.