Mysterious Augmented Reality Game Silent Streets Hits Mobile

With the playtesting period for Silent Streets officially over, developer Funbakers has launched the game for smartphones. It’s free to play for a limited time, but it isn’t your typical mobile experience. Like Pokémon Go, it uses augmented reality to its advantage, letting you explore virtual crime scenes with your camera. Silent Streets is an interactive detective mystery that combines RPG elements like side quests, character ranks and reputations with a choose-your-own-adventure mechanic.

Your mission involves interrogating murder suspects with the ultimate goal of locating a missing girl named Viola. Thanks to its monochromatic palette, Silent Streets evokes the mood of a bygone Victorian era, which is truly at fascinating odds with its augmented reality enabled gameplay. And if you haven’t got yourself a fitbit yet, there’s no need; Silent Streets comes with an in-built pedometer that tracks your movement as you meander around the real world.

Interested players can download Streets Episode 1, The Boy with the Flower Skin is out now for iOS and Android devices.