Mobile Detective Game ‘Silent Streets’ Will be Releasing Soon

Dark Victorian adventure game Silent Streets will be arriving on the App Store and Google Play Store this May, it has emerged. Developer Funbakers also recently announced a playtest for the game, which is open to both Android and iOS users.

Silent Streets is a non-linear detective story, featuring more than two hours of gameplay per case, multiple side quests, an immersive musical score as well as a full-scale voiceover. For players interested in choice based games, Silent Streets comes with a multiple choice mechanic that lets you come up with a range of solutions for the case in question, and a reputation system which silently monitors your interactions with the game’s characters and lets you choose who to side with.

There is also an innovative step-counter or in-game pedometer, which tracks the amount of steps you’ve taken in meatspace, but more importantly, makes it necessary for players to step it up in order to travel anywhere in the game – not unlike Pokémon GO.