Check Out Playtonic’s Yooka-Laylee Rap, a Tribute to the DK Rap

In a move that goes straight for the heartstrings, Playtonic Games has unveiled a rap video starring the protagonists for soon to release 3D platformer title, Yooka-LayleeTo anyone who grew up playing Donkey Kong 64, the rap will be instantly familiar, since it also depicts Yooka and Laylee dusting off their dancing shoes and showcasing their respective skill sets. As pointed out by Niche Gamer, the rap was a stretch goal of the Yooka-Laylee kickstarter campaign at the $1,100,00 tier. Composer Grant Kirkhope, who is the maestro behind both the Yooka-Laylee rap and the DK rap, has promised that this will be the “last one”.

Should you feel the urge to sing along to the rap offline, Gameranx proudly presents you with the lyrics to print (see below the video).

Yooka-Laylee Rap lyrics

So it’s finally time, all thanks to you

It’s the game revival you helped come true

They said this scene’s dead, but that’s a load of yap

And we’re here to prove it with this familiar rap!

His name’s on the box, and he’s green as heck

But cross this lizard and you’ll get wrecked

There’s plenty of room between his orange crests

So he’s the perfect partner for this buddy quest!

He’s quick, nimble, and rolls real fast

And flies his pants on the shipwreck mast

A lizard and a bat, what’s up with that?

A lizard and a bat, and a snake in a hat!

Her name comes second, but don’t be fooled

Badmouth this bat and you’ll get schooled!

She’ll send your head spinning with her sonar rings

She can soar through the air with her super strong wings

With her on your side, you’re sure to find

The many golden goodies the adventure hides!

A lizard and a bat, what’s up with that?

A lizard and a bat, and a snake in a hat!

They’re finally together, and stronger as two

Yooka and Laylee are real cool dudes

Their buddy Trowzer will power your moves

While Dr. Puzz provides the nuts, bolts and screws!

We really hope you have a blast

‘Cos this friendship is built to last!

The paigies in caigies – who’ll set them free?

Just take a look, a duo called Yooka-Laylee!

(repeat x5)

Yooka-Laylee has already gone gold in the lead up to its release on April 11. In late February, Playtonic released a new trailer for the game in celebration of its release on the Nintendo Switch.

Disclosure: Author supported Yooka-Laylee on kickstarter.