Nintendo Release New Yooka-Laylee Trailer for Switch

Playtonic Games and Team 17’s 3D retro platformer has been making a lot of buzz ever since the project was announced on Kickstater. The game brings players back to a golden age of platformers, and hopes to bring new elements, characters, and unique levels to be even better than some of your favorites.

Today, thanks to the Nindies Showcase earlier, we got to see another look at the title via a new trailer. The trailer is primarily focused on promoting the Switch due to the play anywhere messaging, but nonetheless we get to see some more gameplay from the highly anticipated game.

Check out the new trailer down below:

In the trailer, we get to see another multiplayer mode from the game. Two weeks ago we got an extensive look at one of the arcade modes called Glaciators. If you want to check out how the multiplayer game plays, click here.

Yooka-Laylee for the Switch still has no release date, however, other consoles will be able to dive into the game next month on April 11th.