WATCH: Mulaka Documentary Fleshes out Importance of Cultural Preservation

As we rush eagerly towards a glittering technological utopia, some things get left behind—precious traditions, ancient dialects, and indigenous rituals vanish like they never were. Unless somebody protects them.

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Lienzo is an indie studio from Mexico that wants to preserve the history of the Tarahumara culture so it won’t get lost in time. And much like Upper One Games and E-Line Media did with Never Alone, it’ll be through a video game.

Described as a 3D action adventure, Mulaka puts you in the role of Sukurúame, a Tarahumara shaman who must invoke the power of demigods to purify the corruption that keeps eating away the sierras. Fully committed to authenticity, Liento has enlisted the help of Tarahumaran leaders and renowned anthropologists, and dug deep for faded recordings of Rarámuri dialogue.

“It takes very old things and it turns it into quite new cultural products” – Enrique Servín, Cultural Manager

Puzzle-solving, fiery combat, and potion-making make up the main pillars of gameplay, but more importantly, you’ll be able to live the culture; indigenous narration pulls the story along with regional music, frightening creatures lurk in mythological shadows, the legend of a people who never stop running survives.

Mulaka will be launching in early 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.