Tencent Deploys First New Year Patch for Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor has undergone a new year makeover designed to improve much of its 5v5 MOBA battles. It’s been out for US audiences since last December, but Tencent is always looking to make the experience smoother and respond to player feedback—and January’s patch aims to do just that.

Arena of Valor January Patch notes:

  • Full-screen adaptation – Game screen now takes advantage of every pixel on iPhone X’s edge-to-edge display
  • Player avatars pinned on both sides – Players can tap enemy avatar icons on right hand side to enact precise kill
  • Daily gold cap axed – Replaced by weekly gold cap which enables users to accumulate gold on weekdays
  • Weekly reward introduced – Time-poor players who miss daily rewards are eligible for weekly treasures
  • Skin equip bonus – Equipping skins now earns players a 10% bonus gold per each battle. All skins (rarity, trial card or otherwise) dispense identical gold bonus
  • Avatar frames – Players are able to decorate frames with a personal touch. Newest Arena of Valor game update will include three free frames
  • Optimised UI & art – Realistic lighting plus highlight effects on terrain, presentation of events and reward info more intuitive

Arena of Valor is out now for mobile, and will eventually launch on Nintendo Switch. Pick it up on Google Play or via the App Store.