Mega MOBA Arena of Valor Finally Available for US Players

Tencent’s 5v5 fantasy MOBA Arena of Valor has charged into the North American mobile scene with magical swords a-blazing. Already a cultural phenomenon in its native China, Arena of Valor underwent a name change from Strike of Kings (the global version of Honor of Kings) before crossing the Pacific to US audiences, and has also been fitted with a custom user interface and comprehensive tutorial to encourage newcomers into exhilarating rounds of PvP action.

A spokesperson for Tencent said the company was “introducing the best gaming experience” a AAA mobile title could provide, an experience which has already captured the attention of 200 million players in China. Prioritising fast matchmaking and intense 10 minute matches, players are free to team up with allies from across the globe and indulge in a classic eSport that’s powered by an ever increasing line up of champions.

Those eager for a slice of frenetic fun can download Arena of Valor for Android or iOS today. It’s also headed to Nintendo Switch but has no release date at this stage.