Pre-Registration For Tencent’s MOBA Arena of Valor Now Open

Tencent Games’ upcoming 5v5 fantasy MOBA Arena of Valor is kicking off pre-registration for US and Canadian players. In September, it was revealed Arena of Valor would be heading to Nintendo Switch, earning Tencent the special distinction of launching the first MOBA game on Nintendo’s hybrid console.

In preparation for the western release of Arena of Valor, Tencent has been busy customising the UI, refining core controls, and modifying base artwork and champions, so it’s more than just a straight port.

Tencent also partnered with DC Comics to enable the addition of playable DC superheroes. Batman, Wonder Woman and Van Helsing will be introduced to the Arena of Valor universe post-launch. Sealing the deal is Academy Award winning composer Hans Zimmer, who is contributing his musical genius to Arena of Valor’s score.

Interested players can complete the pre-registration process for Arena of Valor here. You can also make a reservation through Arena of Valor’s Google Play Store page.