Nintendo Direct: MOBA ‘Arena of Valor’ Debuts on Nintendo Switch

Chinese gaming heavyweight Tencent will be working with Nintendo to bring Arena of Valor to hybrid console Nintendo Switch, it has been revealed. Arena of Valor originally released in August for mobiles under the moniker Strike of Kings, and is the very first title in the ever-popular MOBA genre to grace Nintendo Switch.

Oft-described as League of Legends for mobile, Arena of Valor thrusts players into a frenetic, real-time online battle arena. It also features the standard assortment of champions: tanks, assassins, mages, supports, warriors and marksmen.Gameplay modes include 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, as well as a Hook Wars mode designed to challenge your skills on a brutal level.

There’s a famous Japanese saying: the talented hawk hides its claws. Since the grand reveal of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo has been demonstrating its business acumen through the surprise reveal of first party titles at E3, following up the wildly successful NES classic edition with an SNES classic, and just recently, announcing the launch of the Arcade Archives program. Arena of Valor could well be the cherry on top.

A free open beta for Arena of Valor will be coming this winter. Anyone interested in sampling its riveting blend of PvP can test it out on Android and iOS.

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