New Final Fantasy Versus XII details

New details have been revealed about Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Loosely translated from Japanese they are as follows.

-First, Novtis, the main character, is actually a prince and his father the king of a "country that possesses the world'd only crystal."

-Noctis' full name is Noctis Lucius Caelum and the princess' full name is Stella Knox Fleuret

-There is a scene where Noctis' fatehr says he "cannot become king" so we have part of the conflict set up, we have no details as to how this figures in or who the bad guy would be in this situation

-You can only control one character, but you can change between characters so you wont be play as Noctis the whole time. No word if these changes will be story based ala Final Fantasy VIII or willful on the fly in combat changes ala Final Fantasy XII.

-Finally, Noctis can use multiple weapons and swords, i hope that means at the same time because otherwise it doesn't seem that impressive

As expected it seems to be taking a dew cues from the Kingdom Hearts series. Furthermore, Tetsuya Nomura has hinted to Dengeki that Final Fantasy Versus XIII is to be released in 2012. Nomura, the game's director, jokes that he forgot about final Fantasy Versus XIII in 2011 as they already have FFXIII-2, Final Fantasy Project 0 and Dissidia 012; Final Fantasy. Not including all the games they try to slip by us when they're released and hope nobody notices like last year's Neir.

Much more news is to come at E3 in June. I know this joke is old, but this is not Final anymore, not even close with spin offs getting spin offs. Also, what ever happened to Kingdom Hearts 3. So many spin offs, prequels and interquels have really killed my interest, but still. Where is it?

Final Fantasy Versus XIII is still a PS3 exclusvie.