Magicka Graces Steam with Online Cooperative Battles


One of the few games I’m looking forward to playing this year was a complete surprise. It’s neither a “triple-A” rated title or one that features an artistic message. In fact, I was only made aware of its existence a couple of days ago when Twitter had been ablaze with talk about a new game called “Magicka”.  

Slated for release on Steam today, this little known action RPG promises to deliver action packed cooperative gameplay with support for up to four players, in addition to a single player option.  

Although the game looks a lot like “Diablo” on its surface, Magicka bears closer resemblance to Westwood’s old fantasy RPG “NoX” with its dynamic spell casting system. Much like “NoX”, the game is a satire of the fantasy genre and doesn’t take itself very seriously, lampooning other games for all their worth.  

If “Magicka” is anything like “Diablo II” and “Guild Wars” online, I can foresee a lot of yelling through conference calls on Skype, Ventrilo or Mumble as players burn, freeze and storm their way through the game.