Destiny 2 Inspires Mouth-Watering PAX Aus Ramen Pop-Up

There’s just something about ramen. Its hearty, flavoursome and deliciously brothy character has transformed it into the foodstuff of legend for students and dining connoisseurs alike. Even Destiny’s merchants aren’t immune to its primal, umami magnetism.

In celebration of Cayde-6’s undying devotion to wheat noodles, Melbourne’s own izakaya Akachochin has formed a gustatory alliance with Bungie and Activision Publishing to offer PAX Aus attendees one-off dining experiences. During the three day gaming extravaganza, which runs from October 27-29 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, three recipe variations will be available for taste-testing in a pop-up located at The Common Lawn.

Fans of Destiny 2 and ramen can enjoy a bowl of Zavala Ramen with Miso Broth, Ikora Rey Ramen with Soy Broth, or Cayde-6’s favourite, Spicy ramen. Bowls are available on a first come, first served basis. Uein Hayashi Lee, head chef of Akachochin shared his delight in creating Destiny themed ramen recipes:

“We love creating new dishes, so couldn’t wait to produce a Spicy Ramen recipe in honour of Destiny’s Cayde-6, that he could truly be proud of!  For those unsure if they can handle the extra spice, we also have two other Destiny inspired recipes available that we hope will keep fans coming back for more.”

For those looking to play Destiny 2 during PAX Aus, make sure to stop by the NVIDIA, Razer or Alienware booths.

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