Cuphead – Before You Buy

It’s not everyday you get to relive the era of hand drawn animation in a video game. But Cuphead defies all trends and expectations, putting you in charge of an anthropomorphic cup who looks like he’s been plucked out of a Fleischer cartoon. Cuphead is the story of what happens when two young pieces of crockery (Cuphead and Mughead) wind up in the Devil’s Casino, and make a dangerous bet that costs them their souls.

Thankfully, they’ve got you to guide them through fiendish, 2D platforming hell and a variety of OP boss battles before it’s all too late. Cuphead has reported very positive sales since its September 29 release, and is fast approaching a 200,000 strong player base.

We checked out Cuphead and thought it was a phenomenal, relentlessly challenging game despite the few bugs.

Are you ready to face your demons? Cuphead is out through Steam and the Microsoft Store (Xbox One) for $19.99 USD.