Sci-fi Strategy Ancient Frontier Blasts Off on Steam

Developer Fair Weather Studios is bringing fans of Bladestar a follow-up sci-fi game called Ancient Frontier. Although it’s set in the same universe, Ancient Frontier abandons shoot ’em up gameplay in favour of turn-based tactics.

The tale kicks off with the scent of war. The Frontier has seen seventeen years go by in peace, but now, galactic corporations actively skirmish with one another, raiders attack the feeble, and amidst the chaos and confusion, the Federation aims for law and order.

Ancient Frontier lets you manage fleets and take them along to permadeath battles, where you’ll get to dive into a dynamic, turn-based combat system. There are two campaigns to choose from, two major factions, and over 35 different ships to test drive. An extensive technology tree lets you customise your playstyle by unlocking new items, and for the explorers amongst us, there’s scattered resources to be scavenged and spent on novel ship upgrades.

Interested players can check out Ancient Frontier on Steam for $18.74 USD. Jump in before September 24 to take advantage of a 25% discount.