Super Slick Metroidvania Evil Genome Hits Steam

Galvanising, fiery metroidvania comes to life in Evil Genome, a freshly launched Steam title from developer Crystal Depths Studio. Take control of Lachesis, a spitfire heroine who’s got a serious score to settle with gangs of enemies and robotic bosses of extraordinary size, and master the art of combat.

After dusting off your rivals with gun and sword, there’s a futuristic wasteland to explore that hides unique items and glamorous new costumes. You can also build upon Lachesis’ natural abilities through an in-game skill tree, and with ample sidequests and attack patterns to memorise, there’s never a dull moment.

Evil Genome features a pseudo 3D platforming style of gameplay, and takes place 500 years into the future—a fallen vision of the Earth humans once aspired to, collapsed ruins and colourless landscapes serving as a painful reminder of the verdant past…

Pick up your copy of Evil Genome through Steam today for $14.99 USD.