Steampunk RPG ‘Vaporum’ Makes its Mysterious Debut

Slovak Studio Fatbot Games have been perfecting Vaporum for about three years now, tweaking its story, character progression system and infusing gameplay with light puzzle elements. In 2017, it seems like the dark dungeon-crawler is at last ready to spread its wings.

Inspired by games like Legend of Grimrock and Dungeon Master, there’s an old-school, steampunk essence inside Vaporum that’s made for singleplayer. A first person perspective and fully voiced characters soup up the realism, and for the explorers amongst us, there’s loot-filled passages, a wide spectrum of customisation options, and a dark, twisting storyline that hints at a forgotten tragedy.

Enemies deck the halls far and wide, forcing you to equip the most suitable armour as well as deploy a range of offensive and defensive tactics to stay undamaged. Each time you defeat enemies, you gain ‘fumium’, a special coating that makes your exoskeleton more powerful, which allows for the subsequent acquisition of extra skills and bonuses.

Vaporum is set to release on September 28 for personal computing systems.