Real-Time CCG Champions of the Shengha Comes With Special Hardware

BfB Labs has cooked up a collectible card game with a very unique talking point. Apart from the usual trimmings like deck-building, card collection and levelling up through the ranks, it lets players use ‘magic’ in real life. Much like Yugioh! it connects fantasy with reality through the use of a magic transmitter that works via biofeedback; when you clip on the transmitter, it measures heart rate and trains you to stay focused in heated battles.

To begin, players need to select one of three tribes—Joy, Fear or Fury—each one offering different play styles. The core gameplay loop revolves around building increasingly powerful decks of creatures, spells, weapons and armour, and lets you duel it out against friends and other competitors online. There’s a range of secrets and rewards to unlock too—so you’ll be constantly intrigued on your card collectathon journey.

Champions of the Shengha is out now on the Google Play Store. The app is free, but requires the Magic Transmitter which is retailing for £39.95/$53 USD.