Physics Driven Metroidvania ‘Planetoid Pioneers’ Coming to Steam

After a lengthy development cycle spanning eight years, Planetoid Pioneers is ready to launch via Steam’s early access program. It combines crafting, combat, exploration and metroidvania style co-op gameplay that’s set within a giant sci-fi universe, but it takes place well beyond 2017. This is a time where medicine has succeeded in improving longevity. 3D printing has advanced so much that the human body itself can be cloned. Men and women who are hundreds of years old decide to leave the Earth’s safety in search of adventure, the Asteroid Belt beyond Mars in their sights.

Developer Data Realms are using a custom physics engine (Crush2D) for Planetoid Planeteers that directs how players navigate the terrain. It also grants the ability to edit anything within the game, including devices, weapons, lighting, effects and the characters themselves. Initially, players will have access to over half a dozen planetoids that come with different game modes, but user-generated content will push Planetoid Pioneers’ boundaries for years to come.

Planetoid Pioneers will release through Steam as a Game-Only edition on July 20 for $9.99 USD.