You Can Pre-Order Joust ‘Em Up Nidhogg 2 Right Now

Messhof’s upcoming fighting fiesta Nidhogghas received a fresh trailer, and the good news doesn’t end there: Interested players are now able to pre-order the game for PlayStation 4. As a successor to NidhoggNidhogg 2 injects new weapons and a grotesque art style into the mix, along with detailed character customisation and matchmaking online.

The latest trailer shows off the game’s sword and parrying style action set against the backdrop of multiple backgrounds. Players will be battling on mossy platforms, pirate ships, and mysterious mangroves where the trees themselves come alive. Hordes of enemies continue to pop out, inviting you to stab, slice, shoot or stomp on them to gain control of the screen, and progress forward Karateka style.

Players will be able to explore more than 10 unique worlds, and in addition to a singleplayer campaign, duel friends in local co-op matches online.

Nidhogg 2 will launch for Windows, Mac and PlayStation 4 on August 15.