SEGA & Activision Vets Announce Sometimes Co-Op Adventure, Barbaric

A dark, fantasy realm houses Barbaric, the upcoming roguelike co-op game from former SEGA and Activision Blizzard team members. Set beneath an endless canopy of night, Barbaric challenges players to fulfil an ancient prophecy by engaging in an endless, dungeon crawling fiesta through the harsh landscapes of Aldderas. There are eight different adventurers to select from, each race and hero offering unique talents. Take Edrek, the Stoneborn Chieftain for example. Hailing from the Stoneborn race, he comes with naturally tough skin and isn’t a pushover during battle.

Barbaric supports up to four players at once, and promises an evenly distributed mix of exploration, puzzle-solving, and real time skill-based combat. The twist comes at the end of each mission, where players are given a tantalising choice: share the spoils of war with your companions, or backstab them and sweep up the loot for yourself. Barbaric wears its dungeon-crawling influence proudly, but “tossed out everything from the classics” and replaced it with combat from fighting games in the hopes of becoming a different kind of roguelike.

Barbaric is coming to PC in Q4 of 2017.