Michael Pachter Predicts The Switch Will Outsell Xbox One This Year

Security analyst Micheal Pachter is infamous in the gaming community making predictions relating to consoles, very often than not, his ‘clairvoyance’ is pretty inaccurate, making predictions such as GTA V releasing in 2010 or Nintendo pulling out of the console market due to poor performance. However, his most recent prediction might be one of the more accurate ones. Nintendo’s Switch has been on an absolute rampage since its launch a couple months back, while Microsoft’s upcoming Xbox One X might prove a problematic variable, I think the crux of his prediction is due to Microsoft’s all round terrible marketing performance making it one of the weaker competitors of current gen gaming.

“[It will be] close .. I would say Switch could sell as many as 14 million, and if that happens, then that’s more than Xbox One. Xbox One is probably going to sell about 10-11 million, but again Microsoft doesn’t tell you and there is no way to measure anymore,” Pachter said. “But I think Xbox One is on track to sell 10-11 Million a year, Switch is gonna do that 10-11 could sell more but it really depends and I need to get through to a holiday season to see.”

The Switch is an outstanding console, consistently outselling the Xbox One and the PS4 worldwide. While the Xbox One X will be launching this holiday season, will it be able to defeat the Nintendo powerhouse? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.