SEGA Celebrates Sonic The Hedgehog 26th Anniversary With Iconic Sneakers

To celebrate Sonic the Hedgehog’s 26th birthday, SEGA has announced that his iconic red “gotta go fast” sneakers will be on sale. They’re composed of polyester, synthetic rubber, and have been designed in collaboration with pop culture merchandise specialists ANIPPON. Sizes range between JP23 and JP28, which roughly corresponds to American size 5 and 9 respectively. You can buy the sneakers for 6,500, or $58 USD (tax and shipping fees not included).


As a belated 25th birthday present, Sonic was also immortalised in a gigantic statue worth almost $400 USD. After dwindling Dreamcast sales, SEGA largely disappeared from the hardware scene and shifted its focus to third-party publishing over creating original IPs. But recently, there’s definitely been a change in the weather. What with the Mega Drive Console, the unveiling of SEGA Forever and a new Sonic game, I think it’s safe to say SEGA is making a comeback even Doctor Eggman can’t stop.

Via Famitsu