This The Last of Us Mod Swaps Joel for Tess

Chances are you’ve played Naughty Dog’s much-loved zombie survival classic The Last of Us. Despite its tragic story, it remains a game filled with hope and we thought it was amazing. Last year, The Last of Us 2 was announced at PSX. We also learned that Ellie would be the playable character instead of Joel, and according to director Neil Druckmann, she will play quite differently. Now that we’re on the subject of changing characters, have you ever wondered what it would be like to control Tess in the original game?

YouTube user Freako has created a mod in which players get to do just that. Normally, Tess sacrifices herself in order to allow Joel and Ellie to escape an oncoming horde of infected. But in the mod, it’s as if Tess never died and gets to experience the journey together with Ellie instead. Naturally, the mod doesn’t include voice acting, but it does present an alternate reality that will always make us wonder, what if?