Angel Jackets Offer Some Of Your Favorite Video Game Character Clothing

Ever wanted to sport some of the same threads of your favorite characters whether it be from film, comic books, or video games? Some crafty individuals have been replicating costumes to sport for the latest conventions and cosplay gatherings in their area. However, if you’re looking to buy outright and showcase the new wears while out and about, there may be a new solution.

Angel Jackets reached out in hopes to showcase their new line of superhero themed shirts which range from Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, Batman, to Spiderman. They even sent down a shirt for use to check out and besides a loose thread around the neck, I don’t have any complaints.

While the focus is directed to the line of superhero based shirts, it would be amiss to not mention their other line-ups. Angel Jackets has replication jackets and clothing from a wide range of films and television shows such as Doctor Who and King Arthur.

Outside of this, there is also a slew of video game-themed clothing that looks to match up with the source material very well. This includes items from Deus Ex, Final Fantasy XV, Resident Evil and Devil May Cry. That’s of course just to name a few as you’ll want to look through the retailer to see if they carry your favorite video game character costumes.

Regardless, the prices for the jackets, shirts, and other clothing will vary with the superhero themed shirts currently on sale for $19 per shirt.