Comedic Sci-Fi Adventure The Final Specimen: Arrival Will Weird You Out

Blessed with a vibrant coat of paint, The Final Specimen: Arrival is an ode to classic 2D platformers, complete with a saving the world trope. Things kick off when a young earthling called Thomas is transported to a foreign planet. He quickly discovers his arrival was pre-ordained, and that he needs to stop a wicked alien mastermind (called The Insane Monster) from annihilating the planet.

Eccentric characters and silliness (there’s a level called Doofusville) abound in The Final Specimen: Arrival, and they help to establish its humorous tone. Your job is to guide Thomas safely through a variety of different landscapes: grasslands, mountains, and aqueous terrains. There are ropes to climb, grappling hooks to throw, and pocket bombs to collect if punching enemies isn’t your style. And perhaps best of all, the word on the street is the boss battles are weird and “gut-bustingly hilarious”.

The Final Specimen: Arrival is out now. Interested players can check it out on Steam for $9.99 USD.