1980s Style Metroidvania ‘Mini Ghost’ Coming to Haunt Steam

Inspired by the games of the MSX era, Mini Ghost is a miniature metroidvania starring a spectre on a mission to destroy a computer. It’s actually the prequel to Ghost 1.0, a more modern take on the metroidvania genre which adopts a smoother, cartoonish artstyle in lieu of the 8-bit aesthetic Mini Ghost proudly wears.

Mini Ghost comes with 100 rooms to explore, 24 items to collect and four mini bosses to be defeated in a tight 2 hour package. There are a few different types of editors, including a level editor that lets players create their own maps and share them on Steam Workshop, a tileset editor, and a character editor. What’s more, players can even troll their friends while they watch them play, enhancing enemies or creating fake platforms for a laugh. Last but not least, if you’re like Sonic and like doing things fast, there’s a leaderboard that tracks speedrun records for the game.

Mini Ghost will launch on Steam this April 28.