Persona 5 Launch Trailer Released; Learn How the Team Handled the Localization for the Massive JRPG

Persona 5’s launch trailer has gone live. Yesterday the game officially launched in the West, making the suffering wait finally come to an end. The launch trailer brings the hype as it shows off cutscenes, gameplay and much more. Check it out down below:

Thanks to the PlayStation Blog,  Yu Namba Senior Project Manager at Atlus USA, gave fans a little insight on how the team handled bringing the game over to the West. Localizing a JRPG of this scale is no small feat, as Namba explains.

Check out the full process down below:

P5 was a monster in terms of localization scope. It boasted the most number of translators and editors on a team, and everyone spent countless nights making the English version of P5 a reality. We set the general direction of the localization and settled on key terms and ideas at the beginning of the project, so everyone had a clear guideline when working on their assigned tasks. Whenever a big issue arose, it was brought to my attention, and I gave the team my feedback. As project lead, I had to make the final call, but I made sure that I looked at the issues from different perspectives.

When localizing a Japanese game, there’s always something that simply won’t make sense to the Western audience if translated word for word. Similarly, there may be lines that are too long to fit in the text window or the time allotted in a scene. What to keep, what to cut out, what to change, what are the consequences—it’s always a tough call, and the approach is different for each person. But the process becomes a bit easier to handle when the entire team is on the same page. I’m really fortunate to be at Atlus, where everyone in the company shares the same vision.

If you interested in Persona 5 but don’t know if you want to commit to the purchase, you can check out Gameranx’ own Before You Buy video. A series where we look at the latest game and give you some of our impressions. Persona 5 is a big game, hopefully, the video could help persuade you one way or the other. Check it out here.

Check out the official description of the game down below:

Persona 5 is a game about the internal and external conflicts of a group of troubled youth who live dual lives. They have the typically ordinary day-to-day of a Tokyo high-schooler – attending class, after school activities and part-time jobs. But they also undertake fantastical adventures by using otherworldly powers to enter the hearts of people. Their power comes from the Persona, the Jungian concept of the “self;” the game’s heroes realize that society forces people to wear masks to protect their inner vulnerabilities, and by literally ripping off their protective mask and confronting their inner selves do the heroes awaken their inner power, and use it to strive to help those in need. Ultimately, the group of Phantom Thieves seeks to change their day-to-day world to match their perception and see through the masks modern-day society wears.

Persona 5 is available now to purchase on the PS4 and PS3.