Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Great Plateau Walkthrough

Table of Contents – Great Plateau Shrines

Owa Daim Shrine – Stasis┬áTrial


Found on the southern cliffs of Mount Hylia, you’ll need to take the high roads up into the cold cliffs and reach the River of the Dead area. Follow the path south and move out to the rocky cliffs overlooking the Old Man’s house.

To safely explore the chilly Mount Hylia, get the Warm Doublet from the Old Man. Find his homestead in the southern Great Plateau, south from the Temple of Time. Find his note and cook up the recipe; use Raw Meat, Hyrule Bass, and Spicy Pepper. Talk to the Old Man to get the Warm Doublet.

  • Rune Unlocked: Stasis

This Rune, when activated, allows you to free a highlighted object in time. The effect is limited to a short timer, so watch the yellow circle on your HUD.

Activate Stasis and use it to freeze the gear to create a bridge across the gap. Ahead, use Stasis to freeze the rolling boulder. There’s a treasure chest at the top of the second ramp where the boulders drop down — freeze another boulder when you’re closer to run up and get the Traveller’s Shield.

Ahead, grab the Iron Sledgehammer. There’s a huge boulder blocking the way. Freeze it with Stasis, then hit it multiple time while the boulder is frozen — enough hits will send the rock flying after Stasis is removed. Look for the pointer that appears. It gets longer the more kinetic force you apply.

That’s all the puzzles cleared. You’re free to talk to Owa Daim and finish this shrine. That’s two down, two to go.