Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Great Plateau Walkthrough

Table of Contents – Great Plateau Shrines

Keh Namut Shrine – Cryonis Trial


The second mountain shrine is found on the northern peak of Mount Hylia. Follow the narrow path near the River of the Dead, up into Mount Hylia. Climb up and this shrine should be easy to spot.

  • Rune Unlocked: Cryonic

This ability creates pillars of ice from the water. Use to rise up Link, create a barrier or stepping stone, or to push open gates. Use the Sheikah Terminal to unlock the power, then place your first Cryonic pillar close to the high ledge. You can either place the pillar underfoot, or climb the pillar.

Ahead, place the pillar underneath the gate to raise it up. Ahead, use pillars to block the shots from the small robotic Guardian. Get close and smack it to kill it and move on.

Ahead, there’s a platform. Place a pillar underneath the stone ramp to raise it and reach the upper level. Now you’re free to access the sage and get a spirit orb.