Breath of the Wild – How To Solve All Shrines | Great Plateau Walkthrough

Table of Contents – Great Plateau Shrines

Oman Au Shrine – Magnesis Trial


The Oman Au Shrine is the very first shrine you’ll encounter. The mysterious old man will offer you “The Isolated Plateau” — a main mission that directs you toward a strange-looking door. Approach it and input the slate to activate the shrine, then walk inside to begin the first trial.

  • Rune Unlocked: Magnesis

The first run unlocks when you use the Sheikah Slate on the terminal to the left of the blocked path. Magnesis allows you to lift and move metallic objects. Tap [R] then press [A] to move objects highlighted in red. Start with the two metal floor plates. Lift one up, then drop into the reservoir path.

At the wall of stone blocks, use Magnesis to grab the metal block and push through the wall. There’s a little enemy ahead that’ll try to blast you — bring up a shield or press [X] to jump and dodge.

There’s a bridge ahead. Cross the metal plate, then use Magnesis to cross the second gap. Don’t miss the treasure chest on the platform to the left of the huge doors. Use Magnesis to grab it and bring it down for a prize.

Open the giant double doors with Magnesis to complete this shrine — after speaking with the monk. He’ll reward you with (x1) Spirit Orb! Note half bad, but the friendly strange old man wants you to clear all four shrines in the region. Time to get started.