Gravity Rush 2: How to Beat Every Boss | Tips & Tricks

Gravity Rush 2 isn’t just about flying around fantastical floating cities. No, it’s also about boss battles. This game is packed with bosses, way more than your usual open-world action-adventure game. The boss battles happen fast, and a few of them are pretty tricky. Here you’ll find coverage for every single special encounter, and what moves you’ll want to use to win. It’s just that simple.

The first boss might be a push-over, but the second battle is a surprisingly tricky game of tug-of-war. Without your powers, you’ll need to rely on dodges and attack timing. Eventually the one-on-one fights give way to massive battles against Giant Nevi, and even bigger ‘bots. It’s all about using the right tools at your disposal, and Kat eventually develops an arsenal of unstoppable abilities.

If you’re interested in even more Gravity Rush, you’ll be getting more later this year. Due to last-minute delays in the release schedule, Gravity Rush 2’s story DLC is now free for everyone, and clocks in at 5 or so hours.

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How to Beat Every Boss | Tips & Tricks

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Giant Nevi

  • Mission: Episode 3: Trial and Passage
  • Tips:
    • The Giant Nevi slowly circles the gem-filled arena, making it tough to hit with the Gravity Kick. Use Stasis Field [Circle] and Piercing Throw to dish out damage to this massive menace.
    • Dodge [R2] to escape it’s lunging claw attack, and start flying when it spawns a black vortex — that attack is difficult to dodge on the ground.
    • Once the back armor is broken off, the target is big enough to land multiple Gravity Kicks. Tap [Touchpad] after beating up the last core to unleash your finisher.


  • Mission: Episode 4: A Dog Without a Collar
  • Tips:
    • No gravity powers here — all you have is your regular attacks and dodge rolls. The goal is to swing the meter toward Fi. When it fills, he’ll drop a bell. Grab it before he can to score one point.
    • Fi attacks with combo strings just like Kat. Wait and roll away he attacks. When the combo is complete, you’ll get a chance to unleash your own combo.
      • To make this battle a little easier, Power Up and spend points to increase your combo or unlock the dodge counterattack.
    • On the second phase, Fi swings his hook. To avoid it, don’t charge toward him after he retreats. Wait for Fi to come to you. He’ll never be able to use it if you don’t chase him.
    • At the third phase, Fi adds another attack to his combo. He also swings around the arena from pole-to-pole. Watch him, and dodge away when he throws his hook toward you, followed be a devastating kick.

Night Gale (Raven)

  • Mission: Episode 7: Wandering Heart
  • Tips:
    • Raven is fast, and her psychic projectiles track Kat. Only roll-dodge when the projectile is close.
    • Raven fights on the ground and in air. While in air, use Kat’s Stasis Field to throw the many, many items scattered all over the market area.
      • She’s too fast to Gravity Kick. Stasis Field works much better.
    • When Raven lands, that’s your chance to attack with basic combos. Dodge her lunges, then roll and attack until she takes off for the sky. Don’t attack if she’s collected more energy projectiles.
    • As long as you can dodge Raven’s energy blasts, this fight is short and sweet. Charged Piercing Throws do extra damage, so unleash those if you’ve got spare SP meter.


  • Mission: Episode 7: Wandering Heart
  • Tips:
    • This is when things get a little tougher. The massive military weapon fires a gatling beam — and features four purple cores. Attack the front leg cores with Status Field junk. If you damage the legs enough, the bright purple core on the back of the machine will be exposed. That’s the weak point.
      • Don’t bother using close-range attacks or Gravity Kicks here. This is all about ranged attacks. Pelt the secret weapon’s exposed leg cores with debris.
    • Just like before, save your SP Meter for the exposed purple core. Launch Piercing Throw projectiles to deal lots of damage fast. Play your cards right, and this can be a very short battle.
    • Unlock the Physical Deflect upgrade in Stasis Field to deflect the Secret Weapon’s rocket barrage. This is even more important for future encounters with the Eliminator.

Giant Nevi (Whale)

  • Mission: Episode 9: And the Soldier’s Wife?
  • Tips:
    • The massive whale Nevi is covered with orange cores, making it look like one big weak point. The trick is attacking then escaping — the flying fish-like Nevi will attack if you linger too long.
    • If you’re low on health, use the Debris scattered around the rooftops of the arena to damage the eyes. It also helps to charge your SP Meter and unleash Lunar Gravity Typhoon. This powerful special attack is more powerful the more debris is in an area, so don’t use it unless there’s some spare junk laying around to throw.
    • Periodically, its swarm of fish will hone straight toward Kat. Use Lunar-Style’s mid-air roll-dodge to avoid the attacks. You’ll know when they’re coming when a load of enemy icon pointers appear on your screen.
      • Raven helps during this battle, so if Kat is really low on health, you can duck behind a wall and wait while she finishes this monster off herself. That’s right, you don’t even have to fight this thing at all… if you’re patient.
    • After the battle, grab some health and head for the exit portal. Don’t bother fighting all the enemies.

The Bismalia (Cannon)

  • Mission: Episode 10: No Message, No Messiah
  • Tips:
    • The

More bosses coming soon.