Gravity Rush 2: Trophy List | Collectibles, Challenges, Skills & More

Gravity Rush 2 is a bigger, better version of the original PS Vita success story. The game isn’t a wildly different beast from the original Gravity Rush, and the recently revealed trophy list makes that fact abundantly clear. This isn’t a radical reinvention, but an expansion of the formula. The trophies below reveal collectibles, returning elements, and new powers to unleash on the Nevi hordes.

So, let’s go over some of the returning elements. Hekseville, the city situated on a giant tree’s branches, is back and our hero Kat is still living in a sewer pipe home. Once again, you’ll use gravity-based powers to fly and defeat mystical creatures called the Nevi, although there are other opponents you’ll encounter as the game progresses.

This is an HD upgrade over the relatively low-fidelity visuals of the original, and it’s all set in an open-world with free flight powers. There are new abilities and locations to explore, and doing it all will earn you the “Ultimate Shifter” platinum trophy.

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Trophy List

The trophy list for Gravity Rush 2 doesn’t sound too tough for you trophy hunters out there. It’s all about collectibles, side missions, and challenges. The challenges sound like the toughest part, but returning after unlocking every upgrade for Kat should make Gold much more attainable on every challenge.

  • Ultimate Shifter (Platinum)
    • Collected every trophy.
  • Mining Expert (Silver)
    • Collected 5 talisman stones.
  • Pipe Coordinator (Silver)
    • Placed 9 types of furniture in Kat’s Pipe House.
  • Sewer Aficionado (Silver)
    • Discovered every mysterious warp manhole.
  • Power Kat (Silver)
    • Raised all of Kat’s powers to the maximum.
  • Rift Hunter (Silver)
    • Defeated the five giant Nevi that appear with mining site gravity disturbances.
  • Gem Collector (Gold)
    • Collected 60,000 precious gems.
  • Tour Guide (Bronze)
    • Discovered all of the sites in Jirga Para Lhao.
  • Tour Conductor (Bronze)
    • Discovered all the sites of Hekseville.
  • Camera Men (Bronze)
    • Completed the men’s portrait collection.
  • Smile for the Camera (Bronze)
    • Completed the women’s portrait collection.
  • Sacred Trio (Bronze)
    • Equipped all three types of talismans at one time.
  • Talisman Crafter (Bronze)
    • Merged a talisman 3 times.
  • Saghassi Fan (Bronze)
    • Found all of Saghassi’s Paintings in Jirga Para Lhao.
  • Saghassi Maniac (Bronze)
    • Found all of Saghassi’s Paintings in Hekseville.
  • New Challenger (Bronze)
    • Played a Challenge Mission.
  • Bronze Medalist (Bronze)
    • Completed all challenge missions with bronze or better.
  • Silver Medalist (Silver)
    • Completed all challenge missions with silver or better.
  • Gold Medalist (Gold)
    • Completed all challenge missions with gold or better.
  • High Wind Alert (Silver)
    • Defeated 10 enemies within 10 seconds using one Gravity Typhoon.
  • Event Horizon (Silver)
    • Defeated 10 enemies with one Micro Black Hole.
  • Mining Instructions (Silver)
    • Reached the 3rd Layer of the Delvool Mining Trench.
  • Kat Versus World (Silver)
    • Defeated 1,000 enemies.
  • Lunar Vortex (Bronze)
    • Grabbed 5 enemies with one Lunar Style Vortex Field.
  • Ball of Destruction (Bronze)
    • Defeated 3 enemies with one Jupiter Style Debris Ball.
  • Surge of Power (Bronze)
    • Defeated 5 enemies with one Jupiter Style Surge Kick.
  • Cat Claw (Silver)
    • Defeated 10 enemies with one Spiraling Claw.
  • A Day In Kat’s Life  (Bronze)
    • Completed 1 side mission.
  • Kat’s Daily Routine (Silver)
    • Completed 20 side missions.
  • Kat Working Overtime (Silver)
    • Completed 40 side missions.
  • Lifetime Service Award (Gold)
    • Completed all side missions.

Hidden Trophies

  • Kat Rising (Bronze)
    • Returned to Banga Settlement.
  • Gravity Test (Bronze)
    • Completed the gravity shifting tutorial.