Gravity Rush 2: Pre-Order Bonuses | Where To Buy For All The Extras

Gravity Rush 2 is available Jan. 20th, 2016 for the Playstation 4 console, and if you act fast, there are a couple of fun little extras available for fans. First, there’s Kat’s White Costume, an inverted version of her standard black outfit.

Then there’s a 9 track Select Soundtrack digital download that showcases some of the game’s surprisingly beautiful music. The last bonus is 10 exclusive PSN avatars that are only available for those pre-ordering from the PSN store.

Gravity Rush 2 continues where the critically-acclaimed Gravity Rush left off. Building off the PS Vita success, Gravity Rush 2 places your flying heroine in a massive city, providing gravity-bending powers to help you “fall” across the sky, doing battle with inky invaders and dealing with the military that’s grown exponentially since the ending of the previous adventure. It’s a charming game with lots of character, and it’s only available on the PS4.

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Pre-Order Bonuses

Depending on the retailer, you’ll receive either a DLC White Costume for Kat and a 9 track Select Soundtrack digital download, or 10 PSN Avatars.

The White Costume / Select Soundtrack is available at most brick-and-mortar stores where Gravity Rush 2 is available. The PSN Avatars are exclusive to the PSN store pre-orders for the digital-only version of Gravity Rush 2.

Kat’s White Costume (DLC) + Select Soundtrack Download

The white costume is a special inverse of Kat (the main protagonist’s) normal black outfit. This all-white ensemble is a reskin of her black outfit. The select soundtrack is a digital download code that comes included with 9 of the best tracks to showcase the game’s sweeping OST.

All Pre-Order Bonuses + 10 PSN Avatars

At the PSN Store, you’ll get all the previous pre-order bonuses (Kat’s White Costume + Select Soundtrack), and 10 additional exclusive PSN Avatars. The PSN Avatars are automatically included, depicting various characters in the game. Here’s the full list:¬†Syd Smile Avatar, Syd Surprised Avatar, Syd Normal Avatar, Raven Smile Avatar, Raven Angry Avatar, Raven Normal Avatar, Kat Smile Avatar, Kat Angry Avatar, Kat Normal Avatar, Dusty Avatar.