Star Wars: Battlefront – How to Unlock the Bo Rifle | Secret Weapon Guide

The mysterious, previously missing CJ-9 Bo-Rifle has finally appeared in Star Wars: Battlefront, and it’s not your usual unlockable. Instead of earning it through progression, you’ll have to take it by defeating players in-game during multiplayer matches. This is actually a “viral” weapon — you can only get it from other players using it, and it is spreading like wildfire across the universe.

Learn all about the history of the Bo-Rifle and how to get your Imperial (or Rebel) hands on this powerful weapon in the full guide below. And don’t miss out on the holiday gifts available this weekend.

How to Unlock the Bo Rifle | Secret Weapon Guide

The CJ-9 Bo-Rifle is a viral weapon that can only be collected after killing an opponent carrying it. Over the Dec. 17-18, 2016 weekend, developers got online to spread the Bo-Rifle. But don’t worry, you don’t need to be online with developers to unlock the Bo-Rifle.

  • How to Unlock the CJ-9 Bo-Rifle: Kill an enemy player carrying the rifle. An orange token will appear where they die. Collect it to permanently unlock the Bo-Rifle.
    • Any player with the Bo-Rifle works. Does not need to be a developer.

The Bo-Rifle was originally found by fans scrounging through the weapon archives hidden in installation files, but it wasn’t confirmed to be in the game until now. The Bo-Rifle is actually a very special weapon, and one many Star Wars fans weren’t expecting to see in Battlefront.

The CJ-9 Bo-Rifle is primarily seen (and used!) by characters in the show Star Wars Rebels. The Imperial Agent Kallus and Rebel Garazeb. The weapon can transform — it is both a collapsible rifle, and an electro-staff, used by the Honor Guard of Lasan. The plant, and people, of Lasan were devastated by the Empire, making these rifles extremely rare.

Now you can appropriate your own from a defeated enemy in Battlefront. Watch out for orange tokens, and don’t forget to collect them!